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The GOAL Podcast

Official Podcast of Gun Owners' Action League

May 23, 2016

Senate Budget Alert

GOAL is asking our members to contact their Massachusetts state senator and ask that they OPPOSE senate budget amendment #888.

The amendment would establish mandates to wildlife management programs within the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) as well as establish a “working group” for those programs. GOAL is well aware that the establishment of a rattlesnake population on a Quabbin island has become very controversial with local residents. All levels of management for fisheries and wildlife have apologized for the mishandling of the project and have placed the project on hold while they hear and address the concerns of local residents and legislators. GOAL has not taken a stance for or against the establishment of a new snake colony. Our concern comes with keeping politics out of the professional management of our wildlife resources and protecting millions of dollars of firearm owner’s money!

Millions of dollars every year that are collected through excise taxes from the sale of firearms and ammunition partially fund the DFW. It is because of this that GOAL carefully watches how your money is being spent. If we were to allow political mandates like amendment #888 to pass, it would not be a far reach to see future mandates on everything the DFW is involved in.

Can you imagine extremist groups lobbying to remove funding for managing deer, turkey, or pheasant hunting? How about mandating working groups to study hunting or fishing in general? Every program that you cherish and pay for would be at jeopardy if we allow mandates like this to move forward!

Regardless of where you stand on the snake project, please stand with GOAL and prevent the future politicization of professional wildlife management.

Please call your Massachusetts state senator today and ask them to oppose senate budget amendment #888 and protect professional wildlife management.

Learn about the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program:

Amendment #888 - Timber Rattlesnakes

Mr. Lesser moved that the proposed new text be amended, in Section 2, in item 2310-0200, by adding at the end thereof, the following:-

“provided further, that no state funding, resources, or personnel shall in any way be used to establish or re-establish a population of venomous Timber Rattlesnakes in a location they presently do not exist; and provided further that the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife shall establish a working group to recommend the best ways to protect the Timber Rattlesnake population in locations where they presently exist.”