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The GOAL Podcast

Official Podcast of Gun Owners' Action League

Jul 5, 2024

The US Surgeon General has invented a "firearms public health emergency."  Also, the Supreme Court finishes its term on some important decisions, and send many more back to lower courts for re-hearing.  Listen in and tell your friends!

Jun 21, 2024

Mike Harris joins us to talk about SCOTUS overturning the federal bump stock ban.  Also, MA bills in process, news, and more!

Jun 7, 2024

GOAL's Executive Director Jim Wallace Joins us with an eyewitness report on the goings on at NRA Annual Meeting and leadership transition.  Also, two anti-rights bills are suddenly on the move in the MA legislature, local court news, and more!

May 24, 2024

Are HOA's the new anti-rights targets?  Also, looking at suppressors in the modern world, NRA Annual Meeting news, Supreme Court, and more!

May 10, 2024

Mike Harris joins us to talk about the atrocious method by which the anti-rights MA Legislature has come to this point, and the launch of GOAL's Process Matters initiative.  Also, updates, new, and a Drill of the Month!