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The Primer is a Second Amendment podcast, we discuss law, regulation, restriction, liberty and the efforts of Gun Owners' Action League to protect and restore Second Amendment rights for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
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The Primer - The exclusive Second Amendment podcast of Gun Owners' Action League (GOAL)

Nov 17, 2017

The Massachusetts Joint Committee On Public Safety & Homeland Security held a public hearing yesterday regarding many Second Amendment related bills.  As you can imagine there was a lot of testimony on both sides of the issue.

During the testimony a MA State Representative from Cambridge, MA provided chilling testimony that is a glaring example of the disrespect that many on her side of the aisle, within the MA legislature has for the Second Amendment.

For this reason, GOAL has filed H.1296, An Act Relative To Constitutional Rights.  This bill will force elected officials in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to recognize that the Second Amendment is a civil right equal to all civil rights.

For more on all of this, please see our news/blog page here.

Aug 7, 2017

We started discussing H.3081, An Act Establishing Extreme Risk Protective Orders on Episode 17, "bad legislation and legal weed".

Since that time, the legislation has gained momentum in the halls of the State House, so we wanted to revisit it and point out the many issues presented by this bill.

For more info, you can also see our blog, here.

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May 11, 2017

GOAL has been working on two new bills, which will enable people to choose their best means of self defense and get government out of the way.

We made great strides towards that in 2014 when we deregulated the sale of self defense sprays, and are now working towards doing the same with electronic devices.

These products are available over the counter in the majority of the country and we are working towards getting MA into the light regarding self defense choice.

We hope you enjoy!

Mar 21, 2017

The Primer - Episode 17

On this episode of The Primer we sit down with GOAL's Executive Director Jim Wallace to discuss a couple of important topics.

The first is Representative David Linsky's new legislation, H.3081 An Act Relative to Extreme Risk Protective Orders. 

We also discuss legalized marijuana in MA and how that can lead to pitfalls for licensed gun owners and those who someday may wish to be. 

As always, you can find more info on everything we discuss on our website,

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Jan 27, 2017

The Primer - Episode 16.

On this episode we are joined by GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace.  We have a lot to talk about, we have filed a civil rights lawsuit in Federal Court against Attorney General Maura Healey, Governor Charlie Baker and other Massachusetts entities. 

We also talk about our legislative package for the 190th Massachusetts General Court.  As always we have a lot of important pieces of legislation to discuss and how you can help us move them forward towards becoming law.

As always we have lots of additional information on our website,