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The Primer is a Second Amendment podcast, we discuss law, regulation, restriction, liberty and the efforts of Gun Owners' Action League to protect and restore Second Amendment rights for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
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The Primer - The exclusive Second Amendment podcast of Gun Owners' Action League (GOAL)

Sep 15, 2016

If they can do it to us, they can do it to you!

On July 20, 2016 Attorney General Maura Healey announced a deliberate misinterpretation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts via a highly controversial enforcement notice posted on her website. There was no due process, no public input, no members of the legislature debated her enforcement notice and the governor never signed it into law. Hundreds of thousands of licensed gun owners are now threatened by Healey with a ten year felony charge for failure to comply to the information posted on her webpage.
(She also wrote that her enforcement notice is open to change at her discretion.)

Attorney General Healey's actions demonstrated a complete disregard for due process, she did it to advance a political agenda for her personal gain, she usurped the power of the legislature, she silenced the courts, and she muted the voice of the voters of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As a result of Healey's actions, hundreds of small businesses owned by moms and dads are suffering. They are providers and they are grossly affected by her action. By her enforcement notice hundreds of thousands of law abiding gun owners now have a ten-year felony hanging over their head because of property they legally purchased. Her action also denies families the ability to include many firearms in a will, making inheritance impossible.

On this episode we discuss how Healey is intimidating and threatening law abiding citizens with her enforcement notice and lack of clarity it contains.

Click here to read the enforcement notice.

Aug 30, 2016

Massachusetts State Senator Mike Moore (D) Second Worcester has been a state senator for 8 years.  On this episode we discuss Senator Moore's background and how he became a state senator.  We also discuss becoming a candidate for office in MA, common mistakes, best methods and more!

Jul 28, 2016

Massachusetts Attorney General Unilaterally Changes Gun Laws

Without any prior notice or public hearings and while the legislature is on break for national conventions the Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, has issued an “Enforcement Notice” to firearm retailers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts changing the longstanding definition of so-called “Assault Weapons”.

For nearly 18 years since the passage of the 1998 Gun Control Act firearm retailers, gun owners and state agencies have been operating under the same interpretation. Now, suddenly, without warning or any due process a single person with a clear political agenda decides to change the rules. All Massachusetts residents should be alarmed!

GOAL is currently trying to decipher the enforcement letter, but with as much information that it contains, it is not very clear what it means. Statements such as the following make it very convoluted: “… a weapon is a Copy or Duplicate, for example, if the operating system and firing mechanism of the weapon are based on or otherwise substantially similar to one of the Enumerated Weapons.”

Virtually every semi-automatic that utilizes a detachable magazine has the same operating system or firing mechanism, so what does this mean? The short answer is we simply don’t know. Our best advice to firearm retailers for now is to err on the side of caution. These new rules may cover a lot more than just what we might think.

GOAL is working with people and groups around the State and the nation to clarify these new interpretations and decide the best course of action. One thing is certain that this new interpretation is purely a political stunt and has nothing to do with public safety or real law.

Jim Wallace
Executive Director

Jun 23, 2016

The Primer, Episode 12 - No Fly No Buy.


On this episode we discuss the events over the last week with Congress and the #NoFlyNoBuy movement that is being propelled by many house Democrats.  We discuss the secret government lists, the issues with them and why they should never be allowed to be used to erode or destroy guaranteed rights without due process.

Jun 16, 2016

The Primer Episode 11 with Mandy Deveno.

Mandy Deveno is a shooting sports enthusiast, avid hunter, NRA Instructor, and working on becoming the Massachusetts State 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator.

On this episode we discuss her experience raising kids, teaching gun safety, hunting, running 4H programs and more!

Jun 14, 2016

The Primer – Episode 10 with Alex Hartmann of Ridgeline Shooting.

Alex Hartmann is a former Marine and OEF veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper. Currently Alex teaches many aspects of firearms training and self defense through his Ridgeline Shooting Academy. For Episode 10 we talk about his path to becoming a Scout Sniper, his thoughts on precision shooting, teaching it, and what a new shooter should know about it. We conclude by discussing the Orlando attack and the sort of things that licensed gun owners can do to be better prepared for a worst-case scenario.


Give Alex a follow on his website here:

Jun 9, 2016

Lexington voices. 

In episode 8 and 9 we will hear from Lexington residents whose rights came under attack via an article filed on the town meeting warrant, which needed to be voted down.

Two of the leaders of the efforts to stop the attacks are Mike Barg and Alan Seferian, we will hear their take on what transpired in Lexington and how LexForLiberty came to be.  We will also hear how they were successful in protecting liberty for Lexington residents.

Jun 9, 2016

Lexington voices. 

In episode 8 and 9 we will hear from Lexington residents whose rights came under attack via an article filed on the town meeting warrant, which needed to be voted down.

Two of the leaders of the efforts to stop the attacks are Mike Barg and Alan Seferian, we will hear their take on what transpired in Lexington and how LexForLiberty came to be.  We will also hear how they were successful in protecting liberty for Lexington residents.

May 23, 2016

Senate Budget Alert

GOAL is asking our members to contact their Massachusetts state senator and ask that they OPPOSE senate budget amendment #888.

The amendment would establish mandates to wildlife management programs within the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) as well as establish a “working group” for those programs. GOAL is well aware that the establishment of a rattlesnake population on a Quabbin island has become very controversial with local residents. All levels of management for fisheries and wildlife have apologized for the mishandling of the project and have placed the project on hold while they hear and address the concerns of local residents and legislators. GOAL has not taken a stance for or against the establishment of a new snake colony. Our concern comes with keeping politics out of the professional management of our wildlife resources and protecting millions of dollars of firearm owner’s money!

Millions of dollars every year that are collected through excise taxes from the sale of firearms and ammunition partially fund the DFW. It is because of this that GOAL carefully watches how your money is being spent. If we were to allow political mandates like amendment #888 to pass, it would not be a far reach to see future mandates on everything the DFW is involved in.

Can you imagine extremist groups lobbying to remove funding for managing deer, turkey, or pheasant hunting? How about mandating working groups to study hunting or fishing in general? Every program that you cherish and pay for would be at jeopardy if we allow mandates like this to move forward!

Regardless of where you stand on the snake project, please stand with GOAL and prevent the future politicization of professional wildlife management.

Please call your Massachusetts state senator today and ask them to oppose senate budget amendment #888 and protect professional wildlife management.

Learn about the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program:

Amendment #888 - Timber Rattlesnakes

Mr. Lesser moved that the proposed new text be amended, in Section 2, in item 2310-0200, by adding at the end thereof, the following:-

“provided further, that no state funding, resources, or personnel shall in any way be used to establish or re-establish a population of venomous Timber Rattlesnakes in a location they presently do not exist; and provided further that the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife shall establish a working group to recommend the best ways to protect the Timber Rattlesnake population in locations where they presently exist.”

Apr 21, 2016

The Primer, Episode 6 with Brent Carlton, President of Commonwealth Second Amendment, a non-profit Second Amendment litigation and education group, which specializes in Massachusetts law.

Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A) has been doing great work in MA for 5 years now, so we thought it would be great to sit down and talk about their work, accomplishments and how our groups benefit each other.

We hope you enjoy!

Apr 14, 2016

The Primer, official podcast of Gun Owners' Action League.

Episode 5, Let's Talk Lexington!

On this episode we discuss how town meetings are being used as a subversive means of suppressing our Second Amendment rights.  We discuss what just happened in Lexington, the future for Longmeadow and more.

Mar 18, 2016

The Primer!  Official podcast of Gun Owners' Action League, episode 4 features our friend Mike Williams from the American Suppressor Association.  On this episode we discuss GOAL's legislation at the MA State House, a national and local overview of the laws pertaining to suppressors, the history, the myths and more!

Click here for more information about American Suppressor Association.

Mar 15, 2016

For some time now GOAL has been meeting with the "distressed persons" task force, formed as part of Chapter 284, this task force is working on finding best solutions regarding gun ownership, mental health issues, and suicide prevention.

We have not liked much of the info that has been presented and are working very hard to prevent some of the misguided ideas from becoming legislature to be voted on at the State House. 

Mar 10, 2016

Episode two.

For this episode we are glad to have our Director of Education, Jon Green join us.  We discuss many things regarding MA firearms law including how to get an LTC/FID card, training opportunities at GOAL, the convoluted lists and rosters regarding which firearms you can purchase and more!

Mar 7, 2016

The Primer, a Second Amendment podcast from Gun Owners' Action League of Massachusetts.

On this episode we will kick things off with an update on legislation currently at the State House, the proposed Lexington gun ban, Lowell's continued attack on 2A rights and more.