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The GOAL Podcast

Official Podcast of Gun Owners' Action League

Nov 11, 2022

This week Jim Wallace, Executive Director of GOAL gives us some news and GOAL updates, and Kerrie Ann and Renee join us to talk about The DC Project, AWA, and women's perspectives within the 2A world!

Oct 28, 2022

Jay McMahon, candidate for MA Attorney General, joins us to talk about his policy positions and the state of the Commonwealth in the run up to the November election. Plus: news, and GOAL updates.

Oct 14, 2022

Mike Harris joins us to catch up on Morin v. Lyver and other cases, also we touch on the pros and cons of basic home defense firearms options.

Sep 30, 2022

A new record for the longest rifle shot was set in Wyoming. Also, news, and exploring different AR lowers.